photo of Stephen Bushnik on his motorcycle

Been storytelling & voicing characters since I was a kid.

Always wanting to cheer people up

Especially when our family broke up.

Things can get you down.

Childhood was a tumultuous time,

facing bullies, boy was I bullied!

Heck, we still experience bullies as adults.

We need to hold people to a higher standard for a better world.


Earning a black belt in martial arts

I helped kids on a similar path

to use their wits without using their mitts.

Rock your best self & roll with the punches.

Don't give a bully your headspace.

My books are for you and the stuff you ALL face.

We all get to share the same space & should carry ourselves with more grace.

Grandma's rule.


I write now to inspire my daughter

to Love, to give & bring all of you

In all that you do.

Your dreams are achievable too!


My inspirational authors are Seuss & Munsch.

Like mothergoose, my books rhyme-a-bunch

& teach something valuable

each, with a mushy ending.

Click on "Mushy" Bits & Bytes

& hear what I have to say &

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genuine guy,

my name’s Steve.

I never lie

no tricks up a sleeve

I look to the sky

& pray this eve

world pain would die

& all would achieve.

Stephen Bushnik


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