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photo of Stephen Bushnik on his motorcycle

Childhood is a tumultuous time

Picked on, picked over, oh we're fine!

Bullied, ridiculed, expected to shine.

Kids & grown adults walk the line.

Use your wits without using your mitts!

Rock your best self & roll with the punches.

It's tough being a super human being!

Holding others to higher standards for a better world. 


Have a positive headspace.

Aware with care to things we ALL face.

We all get to share the same space & should carry ourselves with more grace.


I write for those who need a grin

Not thicker skin.

Where each new day is a win!

Being you

& the lucky few who get to know you.


My inspirational authors are Seuss & Munsch.

Like mothergoose, my books rhyme-a-bunch

& bring something valuable

 with a memorable mushy ending.

genuine guy,

my name’s Steve.

I never lie

no tricks up a sleeve

I look to the sky

& pray this eve

world pain would die

& all would achieve.

Stephen Bushnik


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